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This Week In Andy

Greetings Internet itinerants, WordPress wanderers, Livejournal layabouts and Andy! Welcome to the long-awaited continuation of a long-suspended segment: This Week In Andy.

My friend Andy, like his long-suffering jailbird namesake, is a fan of soaring sonority and emotive euphony. This is one of the reasons we are friends. Mostly, it’s our race.

When I think of Andy I think of fried fish and hot sauce in the Blake cafeteria; what will I think of Andy when I see him next? Marshmallow fruit salad in a ramshackle hut on the outskirts of town? What will become of us? Will we learn? Will we grow? Will we convert to Islam? What of our moms?



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A work in progress/cribbing of Jack Holland’s “Misogyny: The World’s Oldest Prejudice,” from which I shall be solely quoting forthwith

Practitioners of this ancient creed are querulous fantasists seeking scapegoats. According to my painstaking research (so painful… to be a girl), they:

  • Hate women for bringing to awareness the interdependence of propagating the species; the fact of man’s not being a self-sufficient hermaphrodite
  • Blame what they desire for making them desire it
  • Being homosexual, hate the oppressors
  • Being emotionally underdeveloped on account of myriad ill experiences, fear their mothers
  • These categories don’t make any sense, but I’m just spewing ideas and quoting, so whatever

Deification (Mary, Queen of Heaven, sexless Victorian) and Demonization (fallen woman, succubus) both function as types of Dehumanization, limning ladies as caricatures of extremes. For, we are “not… goddess or temptress but… human being with vices and virtues like any other.”

Misogyny operates by:

  • Compartmentalization

Sequestering women into unrealistic categories. For example, a women is only sexual and irrational or only innocent and unworldly or only stupid and delicate or only dangerous and wily. The “cheapest sexual dichotomy of all.. good girl versus bad girl” either “condemned women for being sexually insatiable or denied they had any sexual desires at all.”

  • Aggressive fantasticality

The myth of autonomous man excuses “the infliction of cruelty with a good conscience.” Contempt is born of fear which is born of misunderstanding and unacquaintedness for matter and the material world, which is to say: the world of reality and the wish to be strong and independent and not need women (which are like men, but have different bodies).

  • Nietzchean Romanticism

The childish idea of a paramount will, that nature is set and that empirical experience and the circumstances of society are irrelevant. Only “intuition” i.e. prejudice is worthy. The happily fatuous condoning of ‘mystery’ is a pretext for incuriosity. Nietzsche: “Everything in woman is a riddle, and everything in woman has one solution: pregnancy.”

These hypocritical extremes exist in tandem and are confusing contradictions of value. The glorification of the beauty of women or the sensuality of women or the virtuousness of women works concurrently with the denigration or denial of women’s intelligence or impetuses; the disregard or unwillingness to see the natural INTEGRATION of body, mind, sex, bad, good, human, etc.

Lay conclusion!

Misogyny is a Romantic, internal-not-introspective, man-centric and self-indulgent fantasy of independent power ignoring the interdependence, versatility and commonality of humanity.

Here, look at this (from The Wife of Bath’s Prologue in The Canterbury Tales):

For take my word for it, there is no libel
On women that the clergy will not paint
Except when writing of a woman saint
But never good of other women, though.
Who called the lion savage? Do you know?
By God, if women had but written stories
Like those the clergy keep in oratories,
More had been written of man’s wickedness
Than all the son’s of Adam could redress

And then, hey, look at this (Jack Holland talking ‘bout Tocqueville):

“In Europe, he says, men flatter women more but betray an underlying contempt whereas in the United States, ‘men seldom compliment women, but they daily show how much they esteem them.”

USA! USA! We don’t give our girls clitoridectomies in 2009!

(Addendum: In honor of my undying ambivalence about being a girl I am conducting an erotically/ideally self-esteem-enhancing/woman-bullying masquerading as erotic attention-deflating experiment wherein I assume the characteristics and mannerisms of my ideal version of myself as a man. In this I shall behave–to the best of my abilities–respectful (i.e. not pruriently lower class in the intimidating/bullying man way), relatively confident (that is, realistically at peace with oneself on account of introspection, empathy and experience), intelligent, conversant, sprightly, responsive, ruffianly aristocratic (a well-mannered gentleman who has no need to parade his good breeding and hence can follow the dictates of his heart), not coy, overly dainty, overly aggressive, sadistic, stupid, needless, brutish, pathetic, falsely modest or compensatingly peacockish! Let the man-aping experiment begin!)

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