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like the corners of my miiiiiiind

My coworker Lauren at Wai Café was a sexy, sleepy, spirited, spacey-looking modern beauty with messy white-blonde locks, sad-lidded eyes, arched lips, hot pink T-shirts, scarves and cowboy boots. She reeled in the door looking very alert and crazy-eyed with a plastic spoon in her mouth. I think she was from Memphis and in 2005 she lived either in Ridgewood or Greenpoint and had something to do with the band VietNam.

She said “I’m broke! Why am I always broke! ‘Cause I bought an ottoman, it was the middle of the afternoon and I was drunk and I thought I needed an ottoman for my room.” When she answered the phone: “WAI CAFE! Oh, hold up. Chinese. (She gave the phone to Hsing.) I AM SO TIRED OF BEING HERE. AAAHHHHH (counting the money in the register) 28, 29… What… What am I doing here? Why are they giving me this money? LIN KAY, LIN KAY!” (the name of the delivery man.) And I said: “I wish someone would yell my name.” And she yelled: “Rebecca!”


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