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On a sultry summer’s eve, with a full heart and empty stomach

As I trespassed on the property of that shiny Midtown restaurant, I had only one hope: That someone or something would deliver unto me a free ceramic soup bowl of steaming hot Clam Chowder with oyster crackers or a cold, sparkling platter of lobster alongside a shallow dipping dish of melted butter. And champagne! Or bread! And bologna! Instead, the sight of a sharp-eyed, lonely busboy made me nervous and with an exaggerated swivel, I bumbled off towards the cameraman. Mission failed. But at least I had those sweet, sweet shorts.



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Hello loyal millions!

I’m writing this post to encourage you to visit Barbarism, the site I share with S.V. Secunda (not to be confused with V.S. Naipaul).

But first, let me tell you a little about Barbarism. Barbarism is many things. It is a sex-based story assortment (by which I mean gender) and a criminal congress of accumulated rages, desires, divulgences and fears (by which I mean sex).

It is also a multi-media embodiment of this Bruno Bettelheim quotation (according to me and probably not Sarah):

“Just developing one’s personality in all its richness, or just making the vital sources of the unconscious available to the ego, is not sufficient; one must also be able to use one’s ability skillfully, gracefully and with purpose.”

He then went on to add, “Om mani padme sarah secunda rebecca katherine hirsch hum.”

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