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Here is my rant, hear it.. roar:

Instead of educating, encouraging and promoting pleasure, kindness and receptivity in sex, communication and life in total, we refuse to understand ourselves sexually, espouse accurate and positive sexual information and instead encourage debilitating silence in the face of honest feelings and double standards among men and women that hurt women (who are cut off from their bodies and desires or scapegoated for them) and men (who thusly feel inadequate for failing to provide pleasure, feeling pleasure themselves and/or operating within so narrow a definition of sexuality that they never truly inhabit their own idiosyncratic variant of sexuality) and everyone in between! This makes me so angry! Let’s rise up and have sex (if we want to, with people we choose, with protection… even though we’re all gonna get HPV anyway, obviously, so just make sure you get the Gardasil vaccine if you’re aged 9-26)(seriously, get the fucking shots)!

“Sexual behavior and values must be seen in the context of  competing ideological and economic interests. Individuals’ hormones and individuals’ life histories are not enough… I have often felt great sadness and frustration as a sexologist to see that for many–perhaps most–people, sexual experience falls far short of what they hoped for and what they believe others may be experiencing. There is so little honest conversation about sex that most people really have no idea what’s going on in the lives of others… The anxiety created by the importance of sex, on the one hand, and the ignorance and insecurity about it, on the other, set people up for confusion and rigid thinking.”

Leonore Tiefer



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“Hermaphrodykes: Girls Will Be Boys, Dykes Will Be Fags” in the human sexuality-expanding-and-understanding anthology PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality. Isn’t that good? I think it’s pretty good.

“I’m never sure if I have gender dysphoria or species dysphoria. I often try to explain that I’m really a starfish trapped in a human’s body and I’m very new to your planet. Or that in fact I am a woman trapped in a man’s body, which really confuses other people but makes sense to me.” – Pat Califa

“I got and continue to get two priceless gifts from gay men–support for my own queerness and a vision of maleness very different from the testosterone-poisoned version I grew up with… I want a queer connection, a reminder that boys and girls don’t have to play those tired old games.” – Carol Queen

“FAGGOT! That’s what he called me. The boy on the street with the baseball bat who followed me home from Dolores Park the week after I moved to San Francisco. HE called me a faggot. My hair is long. My hips are wide. I wear a leather jacket and walk with a limp. But I carry a knife. What am I exactly? When he called me a faggot I knew. I knew for sure who I was and who I would not be. From the doorway of a grocery at 18th and Guerrero I yelled it at him. “Dyke! Get it right, you son-of-a-bitch, I’m a dyke!” – Dorothy Allison

“If I had been a boy, he would have

just hit me

jus yelled at me

been proud of me

loved me

not noticed me

left me alone.”

– Laura Anoniou

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