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You know how some people chase tornadoes? I CHASE SPARKS. It’s less about sex than fantasy than unfulfilled need than need as overdetermined as sex as fantasy, as, as, as. This kind of flirtation profits off numbers, the spectre of an audience, the spectre of myself as strong, not scared/owning fear/being fear. I am the scared girl, hence I am not scared and now I want to play! fortified by the hopeful stability within me and tension around me. Tightrope flirtation! back-and-forth who’s-it-gonna-be flirtation! I whip it up when it’s not there, fan it when it is creating a big frothy lustshake out of the tiniest seeds of a promised something-or-nothing. Tension: I tend to it (but it needs a release, too much and it just starts to ache).

Congregation: Amen!

* n. A short sentence spoken or chanted by a priest and followed by a response from the congregation.


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