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A boon indeed:

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Now on display at Fleisher Art Memorial

* Dec 6, 2013 – Jan 31, 2014 * 

719 Catharine St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

 FREE/videos/merriment/lipstick? (heck yes, there’s lipstick)


Stay tuned!

On January 22nd, we’re having a performance art-dance party (with special guests!) in the Sanctuary of Fleisher Art Memorial.


About Us:

BARBARISM is a multimedia project developed by Sarah Secunda and Rebecca Katherine Hirsch that produces visual art, time-based media and manifestos designed to expand the understanding and experience of individual multiplicities within absolutist social hierarchies. BARBARISM aims to challenge injustice through comedy, caricature and art-as-activism. Our works create new possibilities of being through the embodiment and performance of possibilities. By expanding the concept of ourselves through alternative representations of gender, we seek to expand the realities of identity, interdependence, power and desire.


Find Us on the ‘Net:







Sarah  & Rebecca


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Gender-upending multimedia outfit BARBARISM is steppin’ out, turnin’ heads!


We have an exhibition at Fleisher Arts Memorial Dec 6-Jan 31 (reception is Dec 6; come one, come all!).

We’ve been doing some presentations at The Plastic Club, Womynsfest, Permanent Wave Philly at Eris Temple Arts ; we’ve been published on Certain Circuits and The Qouch : The Queer Psychoanalysis Society. We’ve been collaborating with Never Forget Radio.

We made some Vines.

We’ve also belatedly entered the Internet age! We now have these cool new Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook apparatuses.

Follow, tweet, tumble upon us!  (we long to be tumbled)


Sarah + Rebecca


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Eh, voila:

More from Barbarism coming soon.

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On a sultry summer’s eve, with a full heart and empty stomach

As I trespassed on the property of that shiny Midtown restaurant, I had only one hope: That someone or something would deliver unto me a free ceramic soup bowl of steaming hot Clam Chowder with oyster crackers or a cold, sparkling platter of lobster alongside a shallow dipping dish of melted butter. And champagne! Or bread! And bologna! Instead, the sight of a sharp-eyed, lonely busboy made me nervous and with an exaggerated swivel, I bumbled off towards the cameraman. Mission failed. But at least I had those sweet, sweet shorts.


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Hello loyal millions!

I’m writing this post to encourage you to visit Barbarism, the site I share with S.V. Secunda (not to be confused with V.S. Naipaul).

But first, let me tell you a little about Barbarism. Barbarism is many things. It is a sex-based story assortment (by which I mean gender) and a criminal congress of accumulated rages, desires, divulgences and fears (by which I mean sex).

It is also a multi-media embodiment of this Bruno Bettelheim quotation (according to me and probably not Sarah):

“Just developing one’s personality in all its richness, or just making the vital sources of the unconscious available to the ego, is not sufficient; one must also be able to use one’s ability skillfully, gracefully and with purpose.”

He then went on to add, “Om mani padme sarah secunda rebecca katherine hirsch hum.”

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I was having a bad day. In the stairwell of my apartment building, an Uber-male with a broad smile and big swaggering thighs blocked my way.

“Come on, gorgeous,” he said. “Smile for me!”

Not for you.

“How dare you?” I said. “My father just died.”

The look on his face, like his erection had suffered a stroke—this made me smile.

So I said to him, “Why the sad face? Smile for me!”

Imagine that, he couldn’t get it up.


This cheese is so cheap

It makes me weep

Cry on cheese, please.

Cry for the cheese you’ll never eat


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