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“If you cuddle a baby, get a promotion, see billboard after billboard of near-naked women or hear a gender stereotype that places one sex at a higher status than the other–don’t expect your hormonal state to remain impervious. Our political, social and moral struggles become, quite literally, embodied, incorporated into our very physical being. And so when researchers look for sex differences in the brain, they are hunting a moving target. We are in continuous interaction with the social context.” –Cordelia Fine

Judy Dater

Social context of this near-naked woman: As I view this photo, thoughts form. What kind of thoughts? Hmm… my culturally-cultivated internalized misogyny is continually coming to the fore which makes it somewhat easier to do away with, since it’s conscious. That’s good… I am reminded of my newfangled psychological hopes for an unenforced “sexless” freedom and a whole new definition of sexuality that isn’t performative or prescriptive (and ‘sexuality’ in this fantasy of mine means what exactly? an act? an attitude? a continuous, contextual assortment of subjective desires, fears, stasis, etc.?); “sexuality as a way of talking about freedom” (or at least not grounds for belittlement, censure, execution, displacement of fear onto scapegoats who are just hanging out, smoking on wicker chairs..).


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