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This is everything I look for in a music video, from the era in which I was raised to the gender bending I crave! from the get-the-message-out placards to the narratively necessary male crotch shots. And O! for unstructured dresses, her voice at 1:31, music from my childhood, lyrics I know, 1989 video quality so clear, abandoned boxcars in bad neighborhoods bespeaking the abandoned dreams in our hearts! Alas, for graveyard gambols like the ones in Now and Then; alack, an audience in raptures like the audience in raptures in my fantasies; alay, anger and elation in equal measure.

But enough poeticizing. Let us auspicate more proselike stylings…

I sort of have a bandleader jacket like Amy’s. I feel I can call her by her first name because we grew up together. At camp. When she was being sung by the older girls in the lodge during mealtimes. And I didn’t know they were singing a song by the Indigo Girls. I just thought it was another camp song like Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog and Put Your Foot On the Loud, Loud, Bang, Bang Pedal. How was I to know? I was young. It was 1996. I listened to Enya and KDWB. How was I to know? How far I would fall?


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